Jade Cargill vs Willow Nightingale

Jade continues her undefeated streak to 33-0.

Willow Nightingale gets the full superstar entrance with music and a tron that matches her perfectly. Commentary will put over Willow’s babyface appeal, talking about her “connection” with fans. It’s undeniable. There’s just something about Willow Nightingale. She’s just so goddamn wholesome, you’d have to lack a soul not to fall in love with this woman. I think everyone is hoping this presentation points to her being All Elite soon..

Jade Cargill enters via the “Money Lift”, joined by Kiera Hogan and Stokley Hathaway (no Red Velvet). Man, does she ever look like a star. Can you tell I’m a big “entrance guy”? Chris Jericho names Jade his “Sports Entertainer of the Week”, which Stokley sells as a big deal.

Willow gets a few chances to show off her athleticism, selling a big toss from Jade off the tie up and then cartwheeling out of an Irish whip.


Willow gets to showcase more of her talent with an enzuigiri and reversing a Samoan drop into a sunset roll up. Then she sets up Jade for a pounce, which I was really looking forward to seeing, but Jade puts on the breaks as we watch Willow hilariously Superman across the ring at no one. Great spot. 

POUN– no.

Kiera Hogan stomps Willow on the outside as we go to PIP. Willow reverses an Irish whip into the guardrail, as she should. Jade sells this like death. 

Jade takes control back with some strikes but then Willow comes back with some hard chops and a shotgun Dropkick from the middle rope.

Later on we see Willow hit a canon ball in the corner and gets a 2-count from it. Jade takes back control and hits… A Pedigree?! The hits the Jaded for the win.

Jade with the Pedigree!!!

Post match Kiera Hogan beats on Nightingale. Athena makes the save taking out Kiera with an O-Face. Jade takes out Athena with a Pump Kick. And then, the funniest thing all night, Kris Statlander storms the ring and slaps Stokley Hathaway in the back of the head along the way like me running anywhere in Grand Theft Auto. Hilarious. Even Stat looked like she needed to swallow a laugh.

Baddies split, good guys stand tall in the ring.

Jade Cargill wins via pinfall

Jade Cargill wins via pinfall
2.5 5 0 1
Match Time: 4:58
Match Time: 4:58
2.5 rating
Total Score


  • Both women felt like stars
  • Didn't feel like either woman was being carried


  • I wanted to see the Pounce, lol
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