Jade Cargill vs Vertvixen

This is a curious booking. Jade Cargill has already faced Vertvixen on an episode of Rampage, no less, back on December 23rd. So I had to think that, given Vert’s recent work on Dark/Elevation that AEW must be giving her a better look. That match went nearly 4-minutes, so going into this match I was assuming there may be some type of progression, like:

  • An actual entrance with music
  • A longer match where she gets more offence in

Commentary puts over how tall Vertvixen is which should eliminate at least some of Jade’s reach advantage. They also tease who’s going to be “the one” to beat Jade Cargill. Slams Vertvixen with a hiptoss and then does push-ups. She then hits a Pumpkick and Jaded for the win.

So after it’s all said and done there’s no entrance for Vertvixen and the match went even shorter, just over a minute to be exact. So what was this for? It felt like the “obligatory women’s match” which is a shame because we’ve seen in Jade’s match with Skye Blue that even though the outcome seemed obvious, the crowd really got into the teases where Skye was out-thinking Jade and the finish was so thrilling!

I can’t give this match a rating. I love Jade Cargill and I am beyond ready to see her in more competitive matches.

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