Jade Cargill vs Taya Valkyrie

I was there live for this match! It’s always a thrill to see Jade in action. It wasn’t booked as such but this really was a homecoming for Jade Cargill, having been born just a couple hours from the FLA Live Arena in Sunrise, FL.

Early into the match Taya gets Jade into that Double Chicken Wing Lock into position for Road To Valhalla but as per the stipulation of the match, Taya isn’t able to do that. I think that was an unfortunate stipulation, to be honest, as it easily gave away the outcome of the match (although I never assumed Taya would be the one to end Jade’s streak). I felt like the storyline, functionally, did a good job of putting across Taya as Jade’s equal but even just to take the match at face value, Taya not being able to do her finisher took any wind out of it for me.

What hurt this even more is that Taya went into this match without even a backup plan. After the second time catching herself in position to give Jade the Road To Valhalla, and after being reminded by Aubrey that she couldn’t do that, Taya slapped her forehead in frustration while Jade rolled her up for the win.

To me, a much more interesting outcome would’ve been to have Taya lose via disqualification after she hit’s Road To Valhalla out of frustration. While Aubrey goes and calls for the bell, Taya could pin Jade as the crowd counts “1, 2, 3…” This would give Taya the visual win and at least at face value positions Taya as being able to beat Jade in a fair contest. That could lead up to the rematch where Taya hits Road To Valhalla, fans instinctually bite on this being the finish but Jade kicks out, which would retroactively tell you that maybe she would’ve kicked out in the first match too.

Anyway, I got to see Jade’s entrance and watch her wrestle live in person so I’m happy but as you can tell, I had reservations about the booking.

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