Jade Cargill vs Skye Blue

Whew. Just two days after I was feeling so withdrawn during Jade Cargill’s last match because of the confusing character motivation vis-à-vis Red Velvet; This match was so great that it would transcend any misgivings I have about an over arcing story.

Incidentally though, now that Red Velvet and Jade Cargill being enemies is settled canon, I can relax. And actually, this story has turned a bit of a corner for me where, as someone who roots for Jade and wants to see her streak continue, Red Velvet poses a threat that brings me a level of anxiety (in a good way).

School Girl

Skye Blue comes into this match showing that she’s done her homework. She instigates before the bell, forcing Jade into returning fire and every time Jade goes for a maneuver, Skye Blue appears to have scouted it and has a counter. This is how it should be between a long-time champion and a young up-and-comer like Skye Blue who’d have time to study Jade’s tape and anticipate what she’ll do whereas Jade, taking on all comers, wouldn’t necessarily have “a book” on every woman she comes up against.

New Material

After being on the retreat at the beginning, Jade rips up the text book by chokeslamming Skye Blue onto the ramp. Red Velvet shows up at the top of the ramp while Skye Blue is able to just get back into the ring before the count of 10. This leads to a stretch where Skye, having used up all her stamina just to stay in the match, now gets dominated all over the ring. Jade is cocky though and rather than finishing off Blue while she’s reeling, starts taping her wrist telling the crowd she’s going to finish this match on her time and even starts doing push-ups in the ring.

This will be on the test

Skye Blue fires up after hitting a huge leg scissors take down and then a series of kicks but Jade brings out her equalizer, kicking Skye Blue’s face clean off with a Pump Kick. On the outside, Red Velvet slaps Leila Grey across the face while back in the ring, Jade sets up Skye Blue for Jaded. But if you’re Skye Blue, and there’s one thing you’re gonna scout, it’s this. Skye lets us know what’s up, shaking her head like “nah” into the hard cam and then rolls up Jade for two. Jade stumbles forward into a Superkick which Blue follows up with a Code Blue for two!

Jade tries to back toss Skye over the top rope but she lands on the floor. She goes for a springboard hurricanerana but Jade’s power gives her something she never could’ve planned for. I’ve watched this sequence over a dozen times and I never get tired of it. Skye Blue’s face, which beamed confidence on Jade’s first attempt at Jaded now shows a look of horror.

48-0. Red Velvet claps sarcastically on the ramp way. Jade flips her off. Unreal match by both women. Great story told in the match. I loved this match.

Winner: Jade Cargill (9:14)

Winner: Jade Cargill (9:14)
3.6 5 0 1
3.6 rating
Total Score


  • Immaculate storytelling
  • Expert-level execution of very technical moves
  • Incredible finish that will live in my head for years


  • Absolutely nothing
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