Jade Cargill vs Nicole Matthews

So this match wasn’t truly much of a match per se. It only lasted 43 seconds and was a quick and easy win for Jade over Nicole Matthews to send her to 53-0. I’ll get to Taya Valkyrie in a second but the big story truly is…

I Was There!

And not only was I there in Winnipeg but I was in the front row. And not only was I in the front row…

Jade Cargill Acknowledged Me!

Well, my sign anyway. I’m going to start by apologizing since this review is going to be grossly self-indulgent but let me have my moment. So I designed a Canadian $20 bill and replaced Queen Elizabeth II (RIP, BTW) with Jade Cargill and printed it on my large format printer. Not only did Jade see my sign but she came and posed with it.

What a thrill! I’m becoming something of a Jade Cargill Stan. I’m not going to apologize for that. I think a man should be able to idolize a woman as someone who’s really cool and powerful the same way one might idolize any male wrestler. And Jade mentioned later on Twitter how much she appreciated the sign.

Very, very cool.

Oh ya, Taya!

As I had predicted in my article about Jade Cargill’s Canadian Open Challenge, it was Vancouver’s own Taya Valkyrie who ultimately answered Jade’s challenge. I haven’t watched Taya since her days in Lucha Underground. He had a match later on Rampage but it was also a squash match because in building up a match against Jade Cargill, it was a Jade Cargill squash match, including finishing it with Jaded, which is actually a move Taya has been doing for some time. So in having Taya confront Jade, looking similar in size & build and squashing people the same way she does, AEW has communicated to fans: Maybe this is Jade’s equal.

Looking ahead in the schedule to try and figure out when this Jade vs Taya match will be… I could see it being at Battle Of The Belts VI on April 7th. We shall see!

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