Jade Cargill vs Leila Grey

Window dressing match.

So the premise of this match was that Stokely Hathaway setup an open challenge for Jade’s TBS Championship and, supposedly, Leila Grey was the only one who answered the bell. This match was more window dressing to setup a couple angles than it was a match. But with that said, there is always more to analyze than just the overall quality of a match, so let’s dive in.

Introducing: Leila Grey!

O.P. Jade Cargill

Right away, Jade easily overpowers Grey at every turn. Grey gets a couple moments of almost reversing the momentum but they’re quickly snuffed out by Cargill. A vicious looking Pump Kick followed by Jaded easily earns her the win. The 34-0 graphic is put on the tron.

From CM Punk to See ’em Pumped

Big Talk from Big Stroke

Post match Stokely goes to get on the mic but Cargill snatches the mic out of his hand. She says she’s tired of all the women in the back bitching and moaning. She then admonishes Hathaway saying “Next time give me some real competition”. Stokely grabs the mic and hypes up Jade saying she put out the open challenge at 11:49pm last night, tipping his hand that they snuck the open challenge out under the radar. He claims that Leila—Who he mentions doesn’t even work there—was the only one who was willing to step up and that Statlander and Athena are lazy.

Some Grey Area

Athena’s music hits as she and Statlander rush the ring and attack Cargill & Kiera Hogan. We see Stokely assisting Leila Grey on the outside. Suddenly, just as Athena gets to the top rope, Leila gets on the apron and knocks her over. Grey starts kicking Statlander on the ground. Jade comes over and pulls Leila off of Statlander and she starts kicking Stat. The announcers put over that Leila is being directed by Stokely. After the heels stand tall in the ring, Leila Grey is about to shake hands with Stokely Hathaway when Jade comes over and slaps Grey’s hand down and gets in her face.

Future Considerations

It’s not overt but the implication seems to be that Stokely Hathaway set all this up as a way to bring Leila Grey in as a Baddie, replacing Red Velvet, unbeknownst to Jade Cargill. Or maybe that Stokely just took the opportunity in the heat of the moment. Lots to speculate on. Interesting angle. Also the fact that Athena and Statlander came out to Athena’s music would seem to imply that we should be expecting Athena to be Jade’s next big challenger. It wouldn’t surprise me of Tony wants to use Athena to raise Jade’s profile leading to Jade putting Statlander over as the one to break Jade’s streak. We’ll see. Looks like some twists and turns before we get there.

As a match, there absolutely was nothing to write home about. Nothing bad, nothing great. But as an angle, there seems to be a few things going on here.

Note: Just because I give a match a low rating doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it for what it was nor is it necessarily a commentary on the competitors. Not all matches are meant to be 3-to-5 star matches.

Jade Cargill wins via pin

Jade Cargill wins via pin
1.2 5 0 1
Match Time: 1:56
Match Time: 1:56
1.2 rating
Total Score


  • That Pump Kick


  • One-sided squash match
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