Jade Cargill vs Gia Scott

“Jade Cargill In Action” the match card read. You don’t have to have followed AEW closely to know that this means Jade’s about to squash someone. That doesn’t mean it’ll be a bad match though, squashes can be really fun if done right! In this case though, there wasn’t much to take in. Jade scored a flawless victory in 38 seconds.

I love Jade Cargill. Even here, I loved watching her entrance and being consumed by her presence. I am a Jade Stan. But even I need a shift in Jade’s booking, and if you’re not the full on Jade mark that I am, I’m guessing you do too. I’m working on a piece that I’ll release soon. As for this review, there wasn’t even a post-match angle to analyze, although commentary did let on that a second match against Taya Valkyrie looked to be on the horizon.

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