Jade Cargill vs Billie Starkz

Oh baby! I’m always excited to watch the prodigy Billie Starkz wrestle for AEW. And of course, it’s my girl Jade. Facing off, after the bell I was surprised by how tall Billie actually is. Jade’s still taller but Billie’s not small.

Jade actually spanks Billie over her knee, telling the story of how Jade is not taking this woman seriously. Jade puts her hand up in Aubrey’s face a couple times in a “talk to the hand” kind of gesture. It’s just a little thing but it tells you everything you need to know about her.

Jade and Billie successfully pull off Billie reversing a Jaded attempt into a Hurricanerana. At this point, Billie’s leg coverings start falling apart leaving her with just black kick pads.

Jade gets the knees up for Billie’s Swanton but her attempt at Jaded is again thwarted as Starkz turns it into an arm drag, though the execution was a little rough. Finally Jade nails Billie with a Pump Kick, leaving her vulnerable for Jaded for the win. 55-0.

After the match Taya Valkyrie comes down to the ring, ducks a belt shot from Jade and then sets her up for Road To Valhalla (aka Jaded) but Jade escapes. I had prediction that this would be the event where Taya & Jade finally face off but that’s still down the road it seems.

Winner: Jade Cargill (8:35)

Winner: Jade Cargill (8:35)
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