Jade Cargill & Leila Grey vs Vanity Twins

While this match was, for the most part, “just there” from the stance of grading the in-ring match quality, it wasn’t without a modicum (or as they say here in Punta Cana where I currently am on vacation, “solo poco”) of storyline progression.

Spoiler alert: Jade remains undefeated.

Someone advertised as being “In Action” usually doesn’t telegraph that there’s going to be a well known competitor standing in the opposite corner or, indeed, much of a match. Besides my appreciation for the Vanity Twins’ professional bright matching gear and some good selling, it was hard to gleam much about their in-ring ability. So no scouting report today. What I was able to gleam, however, is that along with this being a bit of a means to an end to get Jade Cargill to 49-0, I think we also learned a bit about Leila Grey.

When she came into The Baddies, Leila Grey immediately scanned as a quick sub-in for the injured Red Velvet. If you can recall, it was Stokely Hathaway who introduced Leila into the group somewhat auspiciously. Now, though, especially in contrast to Red, Grey appears to be the first Baddie who truly understands what Jade needs: Absolute selfless compliance. And for her part, this seems like the first Baddie who Jade absolutely delights in and fully trusts which is a massive departure from how she felt about Grey when she first arrived on her scene. If you follow their Twitter accounts, this comes across as well.

Imagine if Red Velvet could’ve stuck around and then Jade added Skye Blue as a Baddie? There’d be Jade, Grey, Red and Blue. What a colour scheme! Anyway…

Not a massive storyline beat, not even something you won’t be able to pick up on later if you didn’t see this match but it does make me think about where this might go. Typically, TV wrestling characters don’t last long in the role of being a duteous vassal. And indeed, with Jade Cargill’s Baddies, she’s already dismissed Leila Grey once, she had Mark Sterling “inform Kiera Hogan her services were no longer needed”, and Red Velvet has either seen the writing on the wall or merely tired of her treatment has left. I don’t know where this story is going but it does for some interesting long-term story possibilities. This review is already way too long for a 3:20 squash match so I’ll leave it there but if Jade’s next match is a singles match against Red Velvet on a Dynamite, I may have an article to write.

Winner: Jade Cargill & Leila Grey (3:20)

Winner: Jade Cargill & Leila Grey (3:20)
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