Homecoming Queens

There’s just something special about watching AEW from Daily Place in Jacksonville. Even though it represents the worst time in a lot of our lives, the times we watched AEW’s telecasts (as Tony Schiavone is wont to call them) were the happy escapes. This episode of Dynamite subtitled “Homecoming” was an eventful night for The Division even if it didn’t veer from the one women’s match per show formula. 13 women off the roster were on the show when you include Harley Cameron at ringside and backstage interviews, which did a lot of heavy lifting in furthering storylines.

8-Woman Tag Match

The 8-Woman Tag (or “Cuatros Match” as no one calls them) had a predictable finish but for the best possible reason as this was setup as a tribute match to Mr. Brodie Lee. Former Dark Order member #99 (but I think she should re-institute the nickname “The Great One” that Brodie bestowed upon her) Anna Jay joined the babyfaces and scored the win by making Skye Blue tap to the Queenslayer, which again was a move named after Mr. Brodie Lee signalled to Anna Jay to choke out Brandi Rhodes.

It’s such a mark thing to gush about but I really enjoyed watching all the entrances one after the other. Willow Nightingale’s entrance never doesn’t put a smile on your face but also reminds how great Ian Riccaboni is when he’s not there. Kris Statlander had a great interaction with Stokely Hathaway in the front row which not only reminds the audience of that story but felt like a throwback to wrestlers being in the front row during the pandemic. Anna Jay felt like the spotlight was firmly on her. I’m still not used to seeing Thunder Rosa back! The Outcasts are The Outcasts. Skye Blue looked awesome but I’m still not sure the conversion to this new character has fully taken hold. I’m tracking it but it still feels like it’s being fleshed out. What is fleshed out however is Julia Hart’s entrance. Just chilling. She is absolutely living in this character.

The match broke down (in a good way) into a fun beat-em-up spotfest with everyone Getting Their Shit In™. I was impressed with some of the bumping that Saraya did including taking that twisting Falcon Arrow that Statlander does. I’m eternally wary of neck injury stuff so when it comes to Saraya I’m always sitting forward and watching carefully when it comes to her. Nice to see she can take her licks. This was the type of action that I took the moment to push my own agenda on Twitter which is that with scattered conversation here and there about Women’s Tag Team belts, I believe AEW would be better served to instead go with Women’s Trios belts. If you want to read my thoughts on this, head over to this article: Link

Timeless Segment

When asked by Mariah May if Timeless Toni Storm watched her match, Toni claims she “got a screener but didn’t see a single frame”. How antiquated. When asked about the debut of Deonna Purrazzo, Toni makes a Wendi Richter joke (and at this point, Tony has to bring her in for a cameo, agreed?) and then calls her “Donna Pulatso”. Your milage may vary on these segments. They’re hit and miss with me but I acknowledge I’m likely in the minority as these seem to be non-stop hit factories for the bulk of fans.

I do enjoy Toni’s whole aesthetic and presentation but again, I want to see better matches like we know Toni is capable of. I appreciate that she’s wrestling to fit the character but remembering back to her run with the then Interim World Title, Toni Storm is such an awesome wrestler so I feel like I’m missing that. In any case it appears Deonna will be on deck at some point. Will Deonna have to go through Mariah May to get to Toni? I like any booking involving these three women, just please let’s free up Toni Storm to wrestle just a little bit more like her old self if that’s possible.

Deonna collecting arms

Deonna Purrazzo shows up and due to how her hair is hanging I’m like: Is she wearing a shirt that’s the same colour as her skin or is she not wearing a shirt at all?! Turns out she had like a bikini top under her jacket. Deonna threatens to come after Toni Storm before hyping up her AEW Collision debut.

Enter Red Velvet who is someone that has really impressed me in Ring Of Honor lately. She’s someone who I could easily see having a styles clash with some wrestlers but in a good way. Like in a Swerve Strickland way. Because Red moves so fast and moves so vigorously that I could see timing issues occurring but with that said, I wouldn’t change a thing. It makes her unique and makes all her offence and bumping look awesome. Deonna asks Red if that’s her “stirring arm” which is a cold treat that she’s coming for that arm. Expect their match on Collision end with Red Velvet tapping out to a Fujiwara Armbar as opposed to the Venus de Milo since that is a Double Arm Fujiwara Armbar.

Matches coming up

On Rampage we’re getting the newly signed (as reported by Sean Ross Sapp) Queen Aminata vs Hikaru Shida. That should be awesome. Of course on Collision is the aforementioned Deonna Purrazzo versus Red Velvet match. And then on Battle Of The Belts IX (9), with Anna Jay getting the win on this night, she’ll take on Julia Hart for her TBS Title. That’ll be a good test for both women, with the possibility of some storyline driven stuff since they were such tight friends once upon a time.

Also ROH will feature a 4-way between Queen Aminata, Trish Adora, Lady Frost & Diamanté. Taya Valkyrie takes on Robyn Renegade. And I’m assuming we’ll get something from ROH’s main protagonists, Athena and Billie Starkz.

Lots of excellent women’s wrestling to look forward to over just the next 3 nights. It’s an exciting time for The Division. Thanks so much for reading and, as always, don’t for get to let the women in your life know how much you appreciate them. 🙂

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