Hikaru Shida vs Erica Leigh

Hikaru Shida kicks of this episode against Erica Leigh aka “The Big Gal” aka “The Gummi Bear Kid” aka “The Technicolor Tecnico”. Erica’s a veteran of 4 years with over 100 matches. She has something of a comedy gimmick.

After being equal in strength on the lockup she yells at Shida “HIT ME”. Shida obliges but Erica actually holds her own for a few rounds until she’s struck with a hard forearm. She dodges a dropkick from the top rope and capitalizes with a big boot. Shida takes momentum back and hits a Meteroa off the middle rope for two but this immediately sets up the Katana for the win.

A quick match. Erica got to show her size (she’s quite a bit taller than Shida) and some power as well as some decent selling.

Shida wins via pinfall

Shida wins via pinfall
1.5 5 0 1
Match Time: 2:40
Match Time: 2:40
1.5 rating
Total Score


  • Nothing really crazy. Short squash.


  • Nothing to complain about.
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