Hikaru Shida vs Christina Marie

Shida opens the match with a slap, an elbow, a running diving elbow and then goes for the pin trying to end this quickly. It’s almost a little bit heelish… Just a little… Shida tries for the Falcon Arrow but Christina Marie floats over and puts a Sleeper Hold on Shida. Shida escapes by bashing Marie’s back into the turnbuckle.

Shida fights off a scoop slam attempt from Christina Marie and in turn hits a stalling suplex on Marie. Even commentary suggest that Shida is bringing a different attitude since her loss at All Out… Hmmm…

Shida does the 10 Punches in the corner, followed by the Meteora, followed by a really awesome looking Katana kick to the side of Christina’s head for the win. Shida was really fun in this match in a bit of a different way. I’m not sure if it’s setting anything just because it was so subtle. Something to watch for maybe.

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Starts at 25:05

Note: Just because I give a match a low rating doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it for what it was nor is it necessarily a commentary on the competitors. Not all matches are meant to be 3-to-5 star matches.

Hikaru Shida wins via pinfall

Hikaru Shida wins via pinfall
1.5 5 0 1
Match Time: 2:12
Match Time: 2:12
1.5 rating
Total Score


  • One of Shida's best looking Katanas
  • Shida's energy felt especially high for some reason


  • Squash on YouTube
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