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From Big Business to All Out

WARNING: Do not try “Fantasy Booking” AEW without a modicum of humility. Treating your own shitty ideas as gospel will result in an obstinate stance towards reality.

Recently on Twitter (I don’t call it ‘X’ because I’m not a cop), Bayley tweeted a picture reminiscing about winning the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles with her friend, the former Sasha Banks. Mercedes, who loves to playfully troll wrestling fans, Quote Tweeted it, saying:

In response, many fans posted photos of the AEW Women’s World Title, GIFs of Timeless Toni Storm, the IWGP Women’s Championship (which Mercedes held before losing to Stardom’s Mayu Iwatani), and the NJPW Strong Women’s Title (which she was supposed to be the inaugural champion of but due to an injury mid-match, she called an audible and gave those honours to Willow Nightingale). One thing nobody posted was the TBS Championship. This is understandable as the TBS Title is typically considered more of a mid-card belt for talents who are up-and-coming, and beneath the GOAT Mercedes Moné.


The TBS Title? Actually?!

In the channels I often swim in online, there does seem to be chatter the TBS Title could be in play for Mercedes Moné. Take this with an extreme grain of salt. It could be a creative pitch that someone explored one day and threw out the next. It could also have never happened and someone made it up. Nonetheless, there is a good rationale for why a TBS Title reign could be in Mercedes’ future…

While Tony Khan always has the final say, Sean Ross Sapp has recently intimated that Mercedes Moné has entered AEW with one eye on the long-term welfare of the entire women’s division. So it’d make sense if this were Mercedes’ idea as a way to elevate the TBS Title and get women over who are lower on the card. She also may wish not to upend all the time and investment that’s gone into the Timeless Toni Storm saga. It feels like the All About Eve storyline has lots left to play out. And my own hunch is that a returning Jamie Hayter, who Toni in kayfabe put on the shelf for all these months, should be the one to take Storm’s title.

In any case, any time an unconventional wrestling idea is thrown about, my ADHD brain takes off in every direction at once to try to web together a way that this works out. So let’s have some fun!

Booking Challenges

  1. Believability. It has to make sense, either through Mercedes’ motivation or happenstance, for why she would bypass the World Title for the TBS Title.
  2. The Chase. Fans need a reason to get excited about to Mercedes Moné chasing the TBS Title.
  3. The Reign. The fans need a reason to want to see Mercedes’ TBS Title reign continue.
  4. Conclusion. There should be a satisfying way to conclude Mercedes’ TBS Title reign.

So with that all in mind, let’s fantasy book a TBS Title reign for Mercedes Moné!

Creative pitch

Try not to get bogged down in things like “is that the date of that PPV?” or “is she healthy to return?” Assume that if something logistically doesn’t work out, a work-around can be found. :)

Feb. 28, 2024

Road To Revolution

With #1 contender Deonna Purrazzo already slated to face World Champion Toni Storm at Revolution; Tony Khan books a 4-way match for the TBS Title with Julia Hart taking on the #2, #3 and #4 ranked in The Division:
2) Thunder Rosa
3) Hikaru Shida, and
4) Mariah May

March 3, 2024


Mariah May wins the TBS Championship, ending Julia Hart’s 106 day reign.

Timeless Toni Storm retains her World Title.

During Toni Storm’s celebration, Jamie Hayter’s music hits and she comes out and stares down Storm, indicating that she’s back for the title.

March 6, 2024

Road To Big Business

Leading up to Big Business, rumours start swirling that along with Mercedes Moné, “Double Debut Tony” might have something up his sleeve with either another debut or big return in The Division.

Jamie Hayter’s in-ring return is booked for the show along with a Willow Nightingale match.

March 13, 2024

Big Business

Mercedes Moné’s debut opens the show. She lays out her mission statement, and confirms she’s #ALLELITE.

Jamie Hayter has her return match and destroys somebody.

Willow wins a competitive match and gets a post-match in-ring interview with Renee. Willow talks about wanting to climb the rankings and will face anyone.

This signposts that the rumoured new/returning woman will come out now. But instead, Mercedes Moné comes out AGAIN which would be a cool surprise and get a nice double POP because that’s something AEW just doesn’t do. Mercedes pretends like she’s there to fight Willow but then smiles and gives her a big hug. Mercedes brings up their match at NJPW Resurgence. Says she wants to climb the rankings too and that Willow owes her a rematch. They shake on it.

March 20, 2024

Mercedes in-ring debut

Mercedes defeats Willow in her AEW in-ring debut, getting her win back from NJPW Resurgence.

Jamie Hayter tears through someone else in a match. She does a promo after her match saying she’s waited 10 months to get back and she doesn’t want to wait one second more than she has to to fight Toni Storm. She asks Tony Khan to put anyone in her path that gets her to Toni Storm faster.

March 27, 2024

Shida challenges Moné

Hikaru Shida has an in-ring interview. She gives an impassioned promo about being the Ace of The Division and intimates that she’s protective of AEW. With that in mind she challenges Mercedes Moné to a match for the [yet to be named] PPV on April 21st. Mercedes immediately comes out and puts Shida’s accomplishments over saying this was a dream match she always wanted. She gladly accepts. They shake on it.

April 3-17, 2024

Road To April 21st PPV

Mercedes & Shida build up something of a friendly rivalry in the build to their match. They try to out do each other in their own matches. They tag team together and try to one-up each other. On the go home show, Shida swings her kendo stick at Mercedes, stopping right before it hits her neck. This is simply a show to Mercedes that Shida is very sharp and Moné needs to bring her A-Game.

Meanwhile, Jamie Hayter builds herself up to the #1 Contender and challenges Timeless Toni Storm at the PPV.

April 21, 2024

unnamed PPV

Mercedes defeats Shida in a long struggle. They shake hands and then hug.

Mariah May retains her TBS Title against Kris Statlander.

Jamie Hayter becomes the #ANDNEW World Champion ending Timeless Toni Storm’s 155 day reign.

April 24-May 15, 2024

Road to Double Or Nothing

Athena makes her return to AEW. Soon after a few wins, Athena claims that after her crazy title reign in ROH and carrying that company on her back for over a year, she deserves to be #1 contender and Tony Khan agrees. So she will be facing Jamie Hayter at Double Or Nothing.

Without her World Title, Toni Storm influence over Mariah May to get a TBS Title match at DON.

We start to tell stories about Mercedes’ dynamics with various women on the roster through multi-women tag matches as we prepare for a Casino Battle Royal at Double Or Nothing, where the winner gets a World Title shot AT ALL IN!

May 19, 2024

Double Or Nothing

Jamie Hayter wins a hard fought match with Athena very early on in the night.

Later, Mariah May manages to retain her TBS Title with a win over Toni Storm. Toni throws a fit and Mariah feels bad.

Mercedes Moné wins the Casino Battle Royal. Jamie Hayter interrupts her celebration and holds up the World Title between them.

May 22-June 19, 2024

Road to Forbidden Door

With her World Title shot at ALL IN in the bag, Mercedes climbs to the top of the rankings before confronting Mariah May. Mercedes says she wants to make history by being the first woman to hold both the World Championship and the TBS Championship at the same time. This match gets made for Forbidden Door.

Jamie Hayter meanwhile has a non-title match booked against (hopefully) Stardom Ace Mayu Iwatani. Ideally it’d be Iwatani since she beat Mercedes for the IWGP Women’s World Title and so it’d draw a comparison between Hayter and Moné. Stephanie Vaquer would also be a great option since she faced Moné at NJPW Resurgence.

June 23, 2024

Forbidden Door

Earlier in the night, Mercedes Moné defeats Mariah May, winning the TBS Title and ending Mariah’s 111 day reign.

The result of Jamie Hayter vs Mayu Iwatani isn’t super consequential. If Hayter loses, so did Mercedes Moné so it’s kind of poetic. If Hayter wins, it infers that she’s the favourite over Mercedes.

In any case, with Mercedes’ connection to both women it’d be awesome to have her come out after the match. She could come down and mirroring what Hayter did at Double Or Nothing, hold up her TBS Title over Jamie’s head. Jamie could hold up her belt. And Mayu being Mayu would surely do something hilariously awkward.

Commentary notes that Jamie Hayter will defend her World Title at ALL IN while Mercedes has a chance to achieve her dream of becoming the Double Champ.

June 26-July 31, 2024

The TBS Title is a Teacher

Nyla Rose challenges Mercedes Moné citing that unlike the World Title, the TBS Title has a rich history of taking on all comers and making open challenges. This plays to Mercedes’ pride so she accepts this. It begins a Stardom-like booking run where immediately after Mercedes defeats her opponent, the next challenger comes out with a microphone and challenges her. She accepts. And they wrestle the following week. With each match Mercedes finds a new way to win.

Commentary puts over how Mercedes doesn’t have to accept these challenges from unranked challengers but she has a lot of pride and little by little we see Mercedes’ appreciation for the TBS Title grow and she really starts putting over the TBS Title in promos as the hardest title to hold. She says that she didn’t know what she was getting into when she won the TBS Championship but she says she feels like defending it has sharpened her skills, hardened her mettle, and made her a better all around fighter.

In canon, for future TBS Champions, this will signal to fans that the longer someone holds onto the title, the more they will have improved.

July 31, 2024

Hayter Says that’s enough

After Mercedes’ match on July 31st, someone random like Little Mean Kathleen comes out about to challenge Mercedes when Jamie Hayter comes out, grabs the mic out of LMK’s hand and tells her to “beat it!”

Jamie said that this is too much and if Mercedes doesn’t stop and rest until All In, she won’t make it. She adds that she doesn’t want Mercedes to have any excuses when Jamie beats her. So Jamie says that since Mercedes isn’t turning down any challenger, Jamie challenges Mercedes to defend her TBS Title at All In against her. Mercedes accepts, making their match at ALL IN for ALL THE GOLD!

AUG. 7-21, 2024


Tony Schiavone indicates that there were many women on the roster that saw Mercedes Moné’s Open Challenge as their shot at getting onto the card at ALL IN. Therefore, Tony Khan decides, in continuing with the tradition, of Women’s 4-Way matches at ALL IN, such a match will be booked for this year’s ALL IN where the winner gets a shot at the TBS Champion at ALL OUT. The competitors in this match are determined via four elimination matches.

Aug. 25, 2024


Megan Bayne wins the 4-way match earlier in the night, earning a TBS Title shot the following week at ALL OUT.

Mercedes and Jamie have a hellacious match. Jamie is seconded by Britt Baker which adds to the drama of people thinking she may get involved or maybe even turn on Jamie. In the end though, Mercedes wins the match, ending Jamie Hayter’s 126 day reign, and becomes the first ever Woman to hold both the TBS & World Championships at the same time.

Aug. 28, 2024

Bayne attacks Moné

On the Dynamite between ALL IN and ALL OUT, Mercedes Moné comes out to the ring to celebrate her big win. She says winning at ALL IN and holding these two belts is the highlight of her career. She reiterates how the TBS Championship Open Challenge made her an even better wrestler. And as tough and intimidating as Jamie Hayter is, she feels like she has that to thank for giving her the edge. Mercedes kisses the TBS Title, not only to show her appreciation for it but to symbolically kiss it good-bye as Megan Bayne sneak attacks her directly after this. In the same fashion she destroyed Tam Nakano, Bayne gorilla press slams Moné over the top rope to the floor. She then puts Mercedes through the announce desk. Mercedes is helped by staff to the back.

Sept. 1, 2024

Mercedes’ 1st Loss

In an interview with Renee Paquette before her match, Mercedes talks about how even though she came here to win the World Title, she’s so proud of being the TBS Champion because of what it represents and that means never turning down any challenge. So in that spirit, even though she’s not sure her body will hold, she says she’ll gladly take on Megan Bayne.

In the match, Megan Bayne dominates early, attacking Mercede’s injuries. Mercedes starts to make a comeback and build some momentum but it’s quickly stopped by Bayne who after taking momentum back never relinquishes it as she defeats Mercedes Moné in mere minutes. The crowd is shocked. Commentary is speechless. Doctors try to assist Mercedes to the back but she insists she can do it on her own even though she clearly can’t. Finally Willow Nightingale comes out and helps Mercedes walk to the back.

Going Forward

Mercedes’ World Title Reign

For her World Title reign, Mercedes Moné says she wants to honour the ranking system process. She says she enjoyed taking on all comers but the women of this division who work hard to climb the rankings deserve to be rewarded and not see others jump the line. This puts Mercedes into more of a “prize fighter” mode, having proper big builds that lead to big matches at PPVs.

Megan Bayne, meanwhile, gets a major rub from squashing Mercedes and continues the tradition of taking on all comers. This differentiates the TBS Title from the World Title in a way that’s more than just a “mid-card” title and signals to fans that as you hold the TBS Title, you become a better wrestler.

So that’s my fantasy booking. You can let me know what you think in the comments below. Or hit me up on Twitter at @aew_one. Thanks fo reading and, as always, make sure the women in your life know how much you appreciate them. :)

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