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Welcome to the AEW Women’s Division Blog!

If you’re here, you probably saw our sign at AEW Dynamite/Rampage “Quake By The Lake” in Minneapolis, MN! As a writer, entrepreneur, marketer and just all-around creative who has a passion for #WomensWrestling, the creation of this blog has encompassed all of those qualities.

And while this platform is still in its infancy, ideas of how to grow it are already creeping in. For now though, our aim is to continue producing regular content consistently.

Within AEW.ONE, most of our articles fall into one of 3 categories:

1. Match Reviews

We do match reviews for every women’s match in AEW and Ring of Honor, yes, even the 2-minute squash matches on Dark. For a full list of our Match Reviews, you can visit This Link.

Below, I’ve highlighted a few of our favourite match reviews:

  1. ThunderStorm vs Britt Baker & Jamie Hayter (Dynamite-August 3, 2022)
  2. Mercedes Martinez vs Serena Deeb (ROH Death Before Dishonor-July 24, 2022)
  3. Toni Storm vs Marina Shafir (Dynamite-June 22, 2022)

I’ve also given a bit of a write-up of how to interpret my ratings here

2. ONE Opinion

Our ONE Opinion articles are just that. Analysis of the state of things in AEW’s women’s division and of the wrestlers within the division themselves. For a complete list of our ONE Opinion articles, you can click this link.

Here’s a few choice ONE Opinion Articles that have gotten some traction:

  1. Kris Statlander Is Ready (June 16, 2022)
  2. Willow Nightingale #AllElite When? (July 28, 2022)
  3. A Path To Women’s Tag Team Belts (June 27, 2022)

And I suppose our first article introducing the website, Women’s Wrestling Rules (June 13, 2022) is also a good article for giving an idea of our passion for Women’s Wrestling in general.

3. Pitch Please!

Our Pitch Please! articles are creative pitches for AEW’s women’s division. These articles tend to come along a lot more seldom as a great deal of thought around creative, scheduling and logistics, considerations about the wider implications all come into play and how it’s perceived and retained by the audience. And it’s not uncommon that I’ll have something 95% done and not feel right about something and re-writing the entire thing. I don’t consider that a matter of “perfection being the enemy of good” but rather, when it comes to introducing a new idea, angle or perspective on a character, it’s important to get it as right as possible on the first pass.

Here’s a few highlighted Pitch Please! articles:

  1. Pitching A New Stable (July 3, 2022)
  2. Abadon: Origins (August 7, 2022)
  3. Pitching A New Tag Team (August 4, 2022)

AEW.ONE YOuTube Channel

AEW.ONE also has a YouTube Channel (link). As of right now, our aim is to make video versions of some of our ONE Opinion and Pitch Please! articles that AEW fans can listen to or watch and also to reach out to people who maybe don’t use Twitter to find information about AEW’s Women’s Division. Check it out and we’d love it if you Subscribed!

Wrestler Tags

Below are links to articles about individual wrestlers. If you wish to catch up with what we’ve written about Kris Statlander or even the single Match Review we have for Allysin Kay, just click on their name below.

So have a look at those tags. And however you found your way here, thank you for checking us out and I hope you’ll come back and share us with others. Lastly, I’ll just end with saying I believe this world would be a better place for everyone if each of us were doing something to make life better for all women, even if it’s just through regular small gestures. So on that note, I’ll give my regular signoff…

Thanks for reading, and make sure you let the women in your life know how much you appreciate them.

Abadon (7) Alice Crowley (3) Allie Recks (2) Allysin Kay (1) Amber Nova (3) Angelica Risk (2) Anna Diaz (1) Anna Jay (23) AQA (1) Ashley D'Amboise (9) Athena (47) Ava Everett (1) Avery Breaux (5) Billie Starkz (9) Brittany (4) Britt Baker (25) Charlette Renegade (14) Christina Marie (3) Danika Della Rouge (2) Deonna Purrazzo (3) Devlyn Macabre (2) Diamanté (18) Dream Girl Ellie (2) Emi Sakura (33) Freya States (1) Harley Cameron (3) Heather Reckless (7) Heidi Howitzer (4) Hikaru Shida (28) J-Rod (2) Jade Cargill (33) Jamie Hayter (37) JC Storm (3) Julia Hart (24) Kaci Lennox (2) Kayla Rossi (3) Kayla Sparks (2) Kelly Madan (2) Kiera Hogan (11) KiLynn King (3) Kris Statlander (19) Lady Frost (3) Laynie Luck (3) Leila Grey (13) Leva Bates (3) LMK (1) Madison Rayne (11) Mafiosa (2) Maki Itoh (2) Mariah May (6) Marina Shafir (32) Max The Impaler (4) Megan Bayne (4) Megan Meyers (4) Mei Suruga (4) Mercedes Martinez (11) Mercedes Monè (8) Mickie James (1) Mila Moore (2) Miranda Alize (2) Miranda Gordy (2) Missa Kate (2) Miyu Yamashita (3) Mylo (3) Nikki Victory (3) Nyla Rose (34) Paris Van Dale (1) Penelope Ford (8) Queen Aminata (9) Rebel (1) Red Velvet (7) Renee Michelle (4) Riho (12) Robyn Renegade (15) Rocky Radley (2) Ruby Soho (23) Saraya (10) Serena Deeb (23) Shalonce Royal (1) Shawna Reed (1) Sierra (4) Skye Blue (38) Sonny Kiss (3) Taya Valkyrie (6) Tay Conti (4) Thunder Rosa (17) Tiara James (2) Toni Storm (55) Tootie Lynn (3) Tracy Nyxx (1) Trish Adora (4) Valentina Rossi (4) VertVixen (3) Vipress (2) Viva Van (2) Willow Nightingale (45) Yaide (1) Yuka Sakazaki (4) Zoe Dubois (3) Zyra (2)

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