Deonna Purrazzo is #AllElite

It started as a whisper, that Deonna Purrazzo’s contract was coming up.

Then the familiar “is finishing up at” phraseology was thrown around in reference to her time in Impact/TNA Wrestling.

And then Sean Ross Sapp confirmed that AEW was Deonna’s preferred destination and that AEW also wanted her back.

I try not to assume that a signing is happening when it comes to AEW just because I know how Tony Khan operates. When AEW advertised a big signing for Full Gear that turned out to be Will Ospreay, they didn’t have him under contract at the time. In fact, he wasn’t signed when he walked out the tunnel to his music. That was the official contract with him in the ring. That wasn’t a work! So when people started connecting the dots between AEW and Deonna Purrazzo, I try to temper my enthusiasm.

But did I? You know I didn’t. Luckily Tony didn’t make me wait long.

What’s Deonna Purrazzo doing in the Elite Zone?

This is a huge addition to AEW’s women’s division. “The Virtuosa” is a technician in the ring with a star quality presence outside of it. When it’s all said and done, this could be one of AEW’s best acquisitions ever. Even though Toni Storm’s name was some of the first words on her lips doesn’t mean that’ll be her first program. Having a new debut say she wants the top belt is never a bad practice. It’s a good bet Mariah May is in her near future and that will be a very, very good match. I can’t wait.

Deonna is a former ROH World Champion. Could she be coming after Athena? She’s very good friends with Britt Baker. Could she be doing something with her? Maybe they’ll be the inaugural tag team champions should they arrive in 2024. Speaking of inaugural, maybe she desires to lay claim to being the inaugural ROH World TV Title! If she said that she’s here to take every title but she’s here to take the ROH TV Title first because there’s only one “first”, I could buy that. It’d definitely put that new belt over. There’s really no bad options so long as she’s on TV and wrestling in matches with stakes.

Let’s Fucking Go!

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