Christmas Wish List

It’s December 23rd and since I still have Christmas shopping to do I figure it’s not too late to submit my Wish List to Tony Khan for AEW’s women’s division going forward into 2024. Before I dive in, I wanted to skip the ubiquitous items that can be safely assumed. So I didn’t put:

  • Signing hot free agents like Mercedes Monè or Giulia. This can be assumed so I’m not bothering putting anything like that.
  • Likewise, I didn’t ask for more women’s wrestling matches on AEW TV because, again, you can just assume I want that. I do. I really, really want it.

Instead I’ll get a tad more into the weeds and be creative with some of my gift ideas. So in no particular order…

A Continental Classic

The mens C2 has gone better than I could’ve anticipated and I’m so ready for the women’s division to get the same treatment. It’s such an awesome storyline driver, especially down the line when competitors invariably meet up again. I can understand if Tony Khan wants to wait until he has a fuller compliment of his full roster (Jamie Hayter, Britt Baker, Yuka Sakazaki, and Serena Deeb to name a few) but this has to be at least penciled in for sometime in 2024.

Marina Shafir Push In ROH

I’ve been a massive Marina Shafir fan ever since she put on a 3-minute classic with Reka Tehaka on an episode of Dark. But I have to accept that she’s been kicking around AEW long enough and done enough jobs that she’s going to need some rehab if she can ever be a player in AEW. With ROH’s more extensive women’s presence on each episode and now with a women’s mid-card title; I think this is where you can give Shafir her trial run. If you’ve ever watched Marina in Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport or if you caught Wrestling Revolver’s Women’s Grand Prix, you know how awesome she can look with the right booking.

Just as a creative pitch, to kick things off: Do some vignettes of her training with Josh Barnett say she’s preparing to bring a new side of herself to Ring Of Honor. Just something to explain why she’s suddenly winning all her matches now.

Jamie Hayter pilgrimage To The Top

My initial thought in Jamie Hayter is I can’t wait to see the World Title back on her as AEW’s top dog. But backing up for a moment, I don’t want to see Jamie enter the title scene as soon as she returns. I’d like to see her suffer some setbacks and have to climb her way back up the mountain to, with any luck, winning the World Title at All In. Which leads me to the next item on my list.

Britt Baker Heel Turn

Specifically turning on Jamie Hayter. You can have Britt “injure” Hayter with the idea that Britt feels she needs to stop Jamie now before she gets her feet under her and really start rolling.

Britt is such a great heel. It’s where she does her best work in the ring and on the mic and I dearly miss it. DMD vs Hayter is the legacy feud we deserve.

Nyla Rose As A Mainstay On AEW TV

When it comes to wrestling’s monsters, if you’re not willing to put a title belt on them they’re tricky to book. After all, how am I supposed to perceive a dominant monster who can’t, y’know, dominate? But Nyla is too good and too funny not to be on television. 

Rather than tell Tony to “figure it out”, allow me to pitch some creative that doesn’t involve a championship: Nyla states that for too long she’s “turned the other cheek” but she’s made a New Years Resolution: In 2024, Nyla will avenge her losses in AEW. This would open up Nyla to have a series of programs with the likes of Riho, Hikaru Shida, Britt Baker, Kris Statlander, Ruby Soho, Thunder Rosa, and Toni Storm. It would also setup Tay Melo’s first feud back as Nyla could jump her the second she shows her face. And you could also do a program with Ryo Mizunami if she’s available. All that without putting Nyla anywhere near a Championship.

A Strong Women’s Stable

Since AEW started I’ve been craving a true women’s stable. We flirted with it with The Outcasts but the booking was mostly flat and repetitive. Picture the Undisputed Era during peak NXT. Four members with matching clearly branded attire, all looking like a unit, with the stated goal of “grabbing all the gold”. I want an extended run with successes, inner conflict, jealousy, and all the rest of it. I don’t want any more flimsy alliances of singles wrestlers. I need that 4-woman “team”.

Athena & Billie (& Lexy) to AEW

Athena & Billie Starkz have been the very best thing on ROH and it’s time to bring these two to primetime. I’d be remiss if I didn’t add Lexy Nair has been such an entertaining part of this act. Bring them all up to AEW. It’s can’t miss. There’s not really much else to say!

At Least One Stardom Wrestler On AEW TV

2024 is the year we need to see the AEW x Stardom Forbidden Door open. I think one of the challenges with Stardom is that unlike NJPW, you can’t just have someone show up with their usual music and expect everyone to know them. There’s not nearly the cross-over between AEW fans and Stardom fans that there is for NJPW. So if you want a truly idiot proof booking, I’d recommend AZM. She only needs 5 minutes to blow everyone’s socks off. Other strong candidates would be Starlight Kid, Suzu Suzuki, Mei Seira… Really I could name over half the roster. I just want to see someone from Stardom do an excursion to AEW, is that too much to ask for?

I’m not greedy so I’ll stop there but there’s certainly a lot of cool things that could happen in the women’s division this year! If you have any wishes for 2024, let me know in the comments below or look me up on Twitter. Thanks for reading, have a Merry Christmas and don’t let your mom do all the work with Christmas Dinner!

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