Anna Jay vs Serena Deeb

Deeb is awesome. She really pulled some snug physicality out of Anna Jay in this match. A couple minutes in Deeb locks in a submission that looked so inescapable I thought that was going to be the finish. Thankfully, we had a lot more to go. Anna sinks in the Queens Slayer but Deeb escapes. Anna spills to the floor as we go to PIP.

During PIP Serena chops Anna against the barricade right in front of her family. There was a number of times where Deeb went to slam Anna’s head on the apron and Anna sold it while it was a bit too obvious her head was going no where close to the apron. Didn’t look great. 

Overall, as this match went on I was really loving this dynamic. You’ve got Serena Deeb, incapable of having a bad match, and Anna Jay is such an athletic specimen that between the two of them, if something wasn’t executed totally smoothly, between the two of them they could power through.

After PIP, the hometown girl makes a comeback. Gets 2-count on a Northern Lights Suplex. Anna Jay has been practicing flipping opponents into trapping them in the Queen Slayer. It had been done on Dark to varying degrees of success but I figured that had a lot to do with her opponent and I was right because it looked great with Deeb.

Deeb would get out of the Queen Slayer and immediately put Anna Jay in the Serenity Lock for the win. Deeb won’t let go after the bell and of course her opponent at ROH Death Before Dishonor, Mercedes Martinez comes down for the save.

Watch the finish on youtube

Serena Deeb wins via submission

Serena Deeb wins via submission
2.8 5 0 1
Match Time: 8:22
Match Time: 8:22
2.8 rating
Total Score


  • Liked the dynamic of Serena & Anna


  • Some soft execution
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