Anna Jay vs Ruby Soho

It’s Anna Jay‘s first match since leaving the Dark Order for the Jericho Appreciation Society and after attacking Ruby Soho on Wednesday, Ruby has her chance to exact revenge in the main event of Rampage.

Excalibur brings up the brace on Ruby’s right arm and right off the bat Anna is targeting it. Early in, Anna avoids a ‘No Future’ kick as a lot of her offence seems to be counter-based. Anna avoids an attack in the corner and hangs up Ruby in the corner and when it looks like she’s going to kick Ruby in the face she instead kicks her in her injured arm.

Going into PIP, more limb work from Anna as she gets to go on the offensive. She’s great at emoting and selling how cocky and nasty she is as the heat builds.

“I’ll choke you out! And I’ll choke you out! And I’ll choke YOU out!”

Anna puts Ruby in a Fujiwara Arm Bar and as Referee Aubrey Edwards is getting close to the mat and checking with Ruby if she’s still in it, hidden from view Anna start taking off Ruby’s arm brace. Anna can’t help but celebrate once she gets it off and Aubrey admonishes her for it. Ruby fights back and creates some time and space for herself by executing a Side Suplex.

Anna is more easily able to affect Ruby’s hand by simply clasping her hand with Ruby’s and applying pressure. Anna does get a Queen Slayer in but Ruby breaks free and is able to finally hit the No Future Kick but Anna Jay is able to grab the bottom rope to break the pin. Ruby then goes up to for a Senton but Anna moves. Anna Jay then scoots toward Ruby and grabs her to put her in the Queens Slayer but Ruby is able to avoid it by grabbing onto Anna Jay’s gauntlets.

Clever Girl

Unable to sink in her submission, Anna opts instead for some crossface forearms to daze Soho. It would seem only natural when Anna decides to take off her gauntlets as they are impeding her ability to do the Queen Slayer. In frustration, she throws them across the ring. Or so we think. Because the Referee’s job is to rid the ring of anything wrestlers may slip on, Aubrey turns her back to grab the gauntlets and toss them out of the ring. Anna Jay, meanwhile, grabs Ruby’s discarded arm brace and puts it into Ruby’s neck, then applies the Queen Slayer which hides the brace from view with her arm. Ruby quickly passes out and as Aubrey calls for the bell, Anna throws Ruby’s arm brace out of the ring.

I really enjoyed the finish to this match. It was an easy to follow story whereby Anna was focused on the arm but it did have me wondering how, when her finisher is a rear naked choke, she was going to factor than into the finish. Well, that was better than what I would’ve fantasy booked.

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Anna Jay wins via submission

Anna Jay wins via submission
3 5 0 1
Match Time: 9:48
Match Time: 9:48
3.0 rating
Total Score


  • Awesome clever finish
  • Anna's character work


  • Match slowed down during PIP
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