Anna Jay vs Julia Hart

It’s refreshing to get a women’s undercard feud that doesn’t involve a title in AEW. The first match, you may recall, was a Julia Hart win after using the black myst and then when pinning Anna Jay, Julia covered her face to hide the evidence. While this is technically a heel vs heel match, I feel like fans are getting into Julia Hart.

This match was a No Hold Barred match which is a synonym for Hardcore Match. Anna Jay gets the early advantage, jumping Julia during her entrance. Lots of chairs were used in this match including Anna hitting a Gory Bomb on Julia onto a pile of chairs on the floor. The pile-o-chairs would figure in the finish as Julia would do a superplex on Anna Jay onto near the chairs and then win with her Heartless submission.

This was an alright match but I kind of wish they would’ve gone with a submission match instead since both women’s finishers are submissions. And while I can’t say that I was emotionally invested in this match, there are times when you just need to punch through with a feud and with two young talents, let them “sink or swim” and more importantly learn. Anna Jay and Julia Hart are still “prospects” in my eyes. I do wish that Tony Khan could find a working relationship with a Joshi promotion (Stardom would be ideal but that feels like a big ask), and get some of the women in AEW major reps in a true wrestling factory.

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