Anna Jay A.S. vs Nikki Victory

Matt Menard is on commentary to extol the virtues of the Jericho Appreciation Society and credits the JAS for bringing a new side out of Anna Jay A.S. where the Dark Order failed.

Anna Jay hits a shoulder block on Victory, knocking her to the mat. Runs off the ropes and met with a trip attempt from Nikki but Anna just stops and stomps her opponent. Anna and Nikki exchange strikes in the corner. Anna sends Victory to the opposite corner, running spinning kick in the corner connects. Anna start threatening people in the crowd that she’s gonna choke them out but settles for hitting a heel kick to Nikki Victory’s head before choking her out.

Very quick enhancement match and just like the name says, it was there to enhance Anna Jay A.S.’s evolving character and dominance.

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Starts at 0:00

Note: Just because I give a match a low rating doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it for what it was nor is it necessarily a commentary on the competitors. Not all matches are meant to be 3-to-5 star matches.

Anna Jay wins via submission

Anna Jay wins via submission
1.2 5 0 1
Match Time: 1:03
Match Time: 1:03
1.2 rating
Total Score


  • Further's the new Anna Jay A.S. persona


  • Short enhancement match
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