Anna Jay A.S. vs Julia Hart

Anna Jay & Julia Hart getting the Main Event of Rampage. We a prematch dueling video segments from both women. Julia Hart brings into light that no one touches her hat. Anna Jay reminds us that she’s had some pretty good hardcore matches. I thought this segment went a long way to tell the story of this short rivalry.

I’ll get this out of the way: There was a part early in the match where Julia is smashing Anna’s face into the mat but we can clearly see Anna’s hand is slamming the mat and her head is no where near the mat. And sure enough, this was isolated in tweets. Did it look bad? Of course. But I trust the process. They’ll get coached up. That said, some of the attacks on the outside of the ring looked very strong.

All the way through, I thought the character work was quite good. I don’t know if they’re established enough to gain a strong emotional attachment from fans like, say, that of Waka Tsukiyama (if you follow Stardom) but it’s crystal clear who they are and they know how to find the camera.

Julia hits a beautiful fluid standing moonsault and her handspring always looks so cool. She belly-to-belly suplexes Anna from the top rope, hangs in the tree of woe before raising herself up and doing a moonsault from the top turnbuckle. You can really see these sequences coming together for Julia and the fans are starting to get behind her. Julia ends up winning by using the black myst. That feels like Julia Hart’s biggest win.

Julia Hart and Anna Jay were given over 10 minutes of airtime here. And like I said, yeah, there was a spot or two that’s easy to pick apart but I thought overall this was a strong showing and giving these women these types of longer matches is so helpful to them in my opinion. I may not have gotten lost in the story but analyzing these two as developing performers was cool to watch.

Winner: Julia Hart (9:49)

Winner: Julia Hart (9:49)
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