After Dark-Week 15

Whoa! Light week this week! Only 2 women’s matches across to very short episodes of Dark and Dark Elevation. AEW has been doing more ROH tapings at live shows. To be honest, I don’t know whether I prefer that or not. Even though I’m not a fan of the Universal Studios set, I like ROH being in its own world. Anyway, here’s the two matches!

Dark Elevation-April 10

I’m noticing the more I see the Renegades that I’m easily able to tell them apart. It’s not just the hair, they each look distinct to me now.

Marina Shafir has added to her entrance taking off her socks and throwing them in the crowd. Is that going to become a thing? Could be fun.

A laying Charlette Renegade really hits Marina in the face with some flush kicks. Marina does some character work in this match that has me longer to see her get more over. She’s a bad ass.

Robyn gets out of a Beast Bomb but is quickly put back into position and this time Nyla nails it for the win. This match felt a little disjointed. At one point Nyla just calls Marina into the match without tagging her in and Bryce Remsburg doesn’t even question it. But I suppose some of these matches on YouTube are there more for reps and to entertain the fans. I feel pedantic in mentioning it given the platform but in the moment it did put me off a little bit.

I’m not getting any hints right now of things coming for Nyla or Marina creatively. Maybe they’ll fit into the Outcasts vs Homegrown storyline or maybe they’re just being rotated out at the moment.

Dark-April 11

We’re in the Elite Zone for this one which, for me, is always a downgrade in atmosphere. I have a lot to say on AEW’s Universal Studios digs but this isn’t the time or place.

Willow is able to jovially dominate her smaller opponent to open but Diamanté is able to make her way back into it with pressure point offence. This is kind of how a Willow match goes, she chases with power moves, her opponent counters with more “hellish” moves and then it’s a matter of if she overcomes (she does in this match).

The highlight of this match for me was an awesome looking Release German Suplex from Diamanté, really turning the power dynamic in this match on its head.

And that’s it! Just one women’s match per show! I’m hoping this doesn’t become a trend, although AEW is starting up their new Saturday 6:05 show (supposedly called AEW Collision) soon so maybe there’ll be more opportunity for tapings.

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