After Dark-Week 10

5 matches this week across AEW’s YouTube properties. Skye Blue collects 2 wins across these shows and Athena, as she’s want to do, fucking kills a Nightmare Factory talent. We also get a couple looks at two relatively unknown talents that I’m extremely intrigued by in Zoe Dubois and J-Rod.

Let’s get into it…

Mar 6-Dark Elevation

J-Rod & Sandra Moone vs Nyla Rose & Marina Shafir

Hey, Nyla & Marina have new music! Interesting! It’s been a while since we’ve seen J-Rod in AEW. She looks very impressive and she actually gets a decent amount of offence in and does not take the pin in this match. She is BUILT!

Marina has a great showing as per usual, first taking out Sandra Moone. Nyla comes in and eventually overpowers J-Rod but J-Rod reverses a chokeslam attempt and begins to successfully get Nyla up into a Fireman Carry before Marina kicks her in the face. J-Rod is given some good shine overall.

Moone gets in some brief offence but is the DPE (Designated Pin Eater) and she does with a strong looking Assisted DDT. Nyla scores the pin.

Winner: Nyla Rose & Marina Shafir (4:21)

Leila Grey vs Skye Blue

A match between two wrestlers I have to assume are both unofficially #AllElite. Strange how many women there are that haven’t been given that graphic. Skye Blue especially.

Leila has undeniable charisma. Her in-ring gets stronger week by week, adding new offence and character spots. I particularly like how’s she’s the “#1 Baddie”. Both woman have a good step up knee to the face. Dark matches for Blue have become good reps for practicing building up the heat, as she seems to take do the majority of the selling, and then her fire up spots. She ends this match with a Superkick and the Skye Fall.

I was rewatching Skye Blue vs Jade Cargill from Battle of the Belts V which in my mind is Jade’s best match by far and I’m really hoping Skye Blue can find herself in a big storyline soon to have some matches with some serious stakes because she’s such a great talent and natural babyface.

Winner: Skye Blue (2:52)

Athena vs Brooke Havok

Brooke gets some good early fire but after Athena would catch her with like a spinning sidewalk chokeslam right on her head. Just pulling out new shit for the fuck of it, that’s Athena! She then precedes to Powerbomb Brooke Havok FIVE fucking times and then submits her.

Like holy shit. I keep saying it: Any time AEW wants to put the entire division on her back, she’s ready and more than able. I love that she’s ROH World champion as having someone that good in that spot gives better looking depth to the entire division. Willow comes out to save Brooke from her post-match beating and Athena, brilliantly, keeps beating on Havok until the very last second that she can and then DANCES to Willow’s music in hilarious fashion. She’s so fucking good. Just an outstanding talent.

Winner: Athena (1:48)

Mar 7-Dark

Skye Blue vs Mylo

Mylo comes out more aggressive and gets in the majority of the offense early.   Skye fights back with a crossbody dive onto a standing Mylo.

Mylo hits a cutter and gets a 2.5-count out of it. Skye dodges her diving splash. Super kick. Skye Fall. Win.

It’s a rep. Mylo was given a lot in this match and looked pretty solid selling as well. 

Winner: Skye Blue (3:31)

Zoe Dubois vs Willow Nightingale

I was really looking forward to getting a second look at Zoe Dubois but I didn’t get to see as much as I would’ve liked of her offence but given that Willow is going to face Athena for her ROH Title, she understandably needed to be kept looking very strong. 

Zoe got to show her flexibility avoiding a throw by doing the splits. She moves so uniquely though, I’m really fascinated to see more of her. 

Willow meanwhile is just a machine that produces babyface heat. I think the whole post-match angle really helped create an appetite for seeing her as ROH World Champion one day.

Winner: Willow Nightingale (2:04)

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