About .ONE

Hello, my name is Travis and besides an obvious passion for AEW and #WomensWrestling, there’s a few other descriptors that apply:

  • Marketer (HonsBComm)
  • Graphic Designer
  • Entrepreneur (own & run 2 businesses)
  • Writer

When I started AEW.ONE, I just wanted a place to write out my ideas, thoughts and (typically wrong) predictions about AEW, rather than in a hard to find Twitter thread. I was open to never finding a ‘niche’ or ‘my voice’ but I’m passionate about AEW and, in fact, like Tony Khan, I too once had notebooks dedicated to fantasy booking my own wrestling company, which at the time I called “Apex Championship Wrestling” (ACW) so I’m very passionate about the creative side of pro wrestling. One of the key aspects of ACW was the roster was made up of wrestlers who I felt like were either under appreciated or they just hadn’t found themselves yet. Sometimes that happens in my own fandom where I see a wrestler I want to like and I can see that they’re talented but it always goes back to the question: “Do I feel anything?” And that often will spin me into trying to figure out what it is that would make me feel something for that wrestler.

Besides AEW and fantasy booking, another thing I’m passionate about is #WomensWrestling. If you’d like a deeper dive into my feelings on Women’s Wrestling, I’ve posted the article “Women’s Wrestling Rules”. I think AEW’s women’s division is the most exciting developing prospect in AEW but I find online the quality and quantity of the discourse online dissatisfying (if not annoying) which led me to pivot AEW.ONE into a blog about the AEW Women’s Division. I guess this is me trying to be the change I want to see in the world, or something like that. What will this lead to? No idea. But I’ve found that following my heart, even if I can’t see what’s down the road, has never led me astray.

I hope if you’ve found AEW.ONE, you’ll give my articles a read. If you’d like to contact me, my DMs are open on Twitter. Look me up at: @AEW_ONE

Thanks for reading! 🙂