Abadon vs Abby Jane

Abadon sporting a very different look in this match and not just their hair and makeup (which are drastically different) but the shape they’ve getting their body into is impressive. Whether it’s that or the in-ring training (or likely a mix of both) Abadon looks more fluid in the ring. Abadon hits a cool Overhead Back Mule kick to Abby’s face. I can’t do this match justice, they’re just is drastically improved.

Abadon hits a Senton and the Black Dahlia for the win. Things are looking up for the hardest working Zombie in wrestling! For Abby Jane’s part, it was hard to get a read on her in a minute. She’s very young (22) and has a background in Kung Fu which in and of itself is intriguing. We’ll have to see if she’s back.

Abadon wins via pinfall

Abadon wins via pinfall
1.5 5 0 1
Match Time: 1:00
Match Time: 1:00
1.5 rating
Total Score


  • Hard work paying dividends big time


  • Short squash on Elevation
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